Reiki is a Japanese system of healing developed in 1922 by Mikao Usui. The practitioner channels chi or qi (life force in Chinese), which flows through the practitioner to the client. This energy dissolves blockages and helps accelerate healing. It supports the body in restoring harmony and balance.

Reiki has no contraindications and can be used for people (including pregnant women and babies) animals, plants and life situations. 

By restoring harmony in your energy system, Reiki can improve the quality of your life.

I've been trained by Reiki Master Torsten Lange.

I offer distant healing sessions.

30min treatments are 35£

60min treatments are 60£

Energy Healing

In an energy healing session, I combine different technics to bring healing and balance into your being.

I work with the energy fields in and around your body. 

According to what you need at a particular time, I focus either on the emotional body, mental body or a specific energy system.

If and when required, I also work with flower essences to balance your emotional state using both the Bach flower essences and Australian Bush flower essences. 

Again, I offer distant healing sessions.

30min treatments are 35£

60min treatments are 60£

Interspecies Communication 

Interspecies communication allows human and animal and plant communication. Through intuition, the human communicator receives messages, thoughts, feelings which he or she can translate to other humans.

Through interspecies communication, we can then create more harmonious relationships with our nonhuman friends, understand their point of view and get to a place of deeper connection.

If an animal needs healing, Reiki and/or other healing modalities can be used to help the animal person. Plants love reiki too!

I've been trained by the world-renown expert Anna Breytenbach.

30min sessions are 35£

60min sessions are 60£

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