Lucy from Clapton, London.

"I am well today - energised and clearer and I look more beautiful somehow (?!).  I couldn't sleep at a certain point in the night and felt your presence strongly in my heart.. I think you continued to look after and heal me after I left your physical presence. Thank you!"

Oliver from Greenwich Peninsula, London.

"The sessions with Caroline are like journeys within myself. I feel transported in a meditative state, relaxed and open, while deep inside me things are moving softly. I feel like everything is taken care of, and I don’t have to do anything, or to even think about anything. I am silently witnessing changes taking place, as images come and go before me and it feels like many complicated threads are getting untangled… It feels like I am very far away, and very present at the same time. I am able to see the most important things within myself, and everything starts making sense to me as a higher intelligence moves the pieces back into place.

The clarity I experienced while lying down with my eyes closed and the feelings of peace and harmony that came to me, they go far beyond the healing session. I was given a reminder of something important that I had forgotten. I am very grateful to be able to remember, and I wish to be reminded again and again…"

Emilie from Marseille, France. Distant session.

"I'm feeling really strong today, more confident, less agitated, less fragmented. Your session has felt like a deep meditation, with shapes and colours moving along. Overal I feel lighter, yet with something tangible building up, something real, that has to do, maybe, with a more solid sense of stillness. So there is both lightness and weight, and they are both coming to a state of balance. I feel that your session is helping me to get in tune with everything that I was not aware of before, to re-harmonize myself. Somehow, it's as if it was enabling me to reconnect with something deeply buried inside, to get in touch with that, and to trust it. I am very thankful!"

Joumana from London. 

I came to my treatment without specific requests or expectations, as I was not aware of any particular ailment, other than a sore neck from sleeping in a bad position. I had forgotten, or underestimated, the fact my digestion had not been so good of late. Caroline sensed the problem without my mentioning it and gave it special attention, with the result that several days later, I can still feel a difference as my body is readjusting and also giving me some clear signals as to what I should avoid eating. During most of the treatment I was deeply relaxed but conscious, but when she reached the troubled area I fell asleep, as if to let her work! After the treatment I felt calm and “defragmented”, and had so much energy for the rest of the day. As a bonus, my sore neck muscles felt soft and pain-free, as if I had had a long physical massage.

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